Thank you so much Elfriede. You have brought so much healing and love into my life I will forever be grateful. You Rock!!!! :
- Anonymous
I feel like I have transformed so much since my last attunement, heck since last month!!!! It's been an amazingly wild and fun time to just flow... I truly feel that I am meant to contribute to our worlds' wellbeing and you have definitely readied the troops : ) The troops of Loving Lightworkers!!! Let the Love continue to spread to all who are ready to heal... :
- Meghan
I'm getting super pumped up to get the Level III attunement to become Reiki Master. I have been practicing on myself daily and on my cats, friends, and family much more frequently as they realize the amazing healing qualities it provides. I love it!!! I've even treated staff members at UC hospital for nurses week and they invited us back (another coworker does healing touch). I found that as an Occupational Therapist I can ethically bill for Reiki and use it as a Complimentary Health Approach. I'm getting better at explaining it and introducing it to my current practice. My life has just seemed to blossom since my initial attunements. I can just feel the change in healthcare as a whole, collectively we are waking up and recognizing our own power to heal. :
- Meghan
Hello! I wanted to send you a note to say thank you for the Reiki session. Afterward I felt a profound sense of peace and a lightness in my being. It made me realize how much weight and tension I carry unconsciously - even when I "think" I'm relaxed. Wow!... The following day I experienced some real challenges at my job that really had me questioning my position there. I called upon my experience and that peace and wholeness to help guide me. I was able to articulate myself to my boss the day after (without letting emotions completely cloud over rationality). Ended up with a better system and a raise by the end of the day. I Wasn't expecting that outcome. The most important part is that I felt like Reiki instilled this 'bigger picture' sense. One part of the whole, where everything has its place and all points are valid. If that makes sense. It helped a lot. What a gift! Thank you. :
- Mollie
I just had to share that I just ordered my Reiki table and I’m so thoroughly excited! Since I consider you my teacher, I just had to share my joy and excitement over my increasing knowledge and just sheer love of Reiki as I’m learning more and more through my daily practice about myself and this loving, joyful energy! Also, practicing on others. I very clearly see myself helping others, regularly, with my increasing knowledge and experience. Ordering my table was a huge first step in making that minds eye picture into an eventual reality 😃 I can’t thank you enough for sharing your wisdom and knowledge about Reiki with me. I look so forward to continuing this journey and sharing it with everyone that I can and continuing to learn and grow. :
- Chris
Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, insight, Reiki and fellowship. I look forward to growing in my Reiki experience and expression. I have been giving myself Reiki everyday and its been a joyful, happy and insightful experience. Meditation is bringing me such balance and peace and joy. I find myself smiling for no apparent reason. I have noticed, as you said we may experience, being more emotional. It's in a great way and for me, feels like a wonderful cleansing. I’m so thankful to have been led to you for this first lesson. I look forward to the next. Thank you for the connection to Cincinnati Reiki as well. Blessings and light and love to you, always, :
- Chris
Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for introducing and sharing this wonderful "new world" with us and our family. God Bless. :
- Steve
It was an a absolute pleasure meeting you last Tuesday. Thank you so much for your time and care. I’m a week into the initial session and it seems to have really helped. I sense that the Reiki is starting to subside so I’ll probably schedule a follow up treatment in a few weeks. Until then...... Take care and God Bless. You’re amazing! :
- Joe
Thankyou for a great Master Class Review! Thankyou for your encouragement , too. I truely appreciated our discussions and your calm assuredness as you went down the review list. You are so easy going and relaxed, and I appreciate that you enjoy what you are doing. You are a great teacher and friend. Thankyou for sharing and teaching the joy of Reiki, and your love of healing with so many of us!🌷🌺🌷🌺🌷🌺 :
- Jackie
Hi Elfriede! Just wanted to thank you again for the reiki session! I feel like all the negative energy that has been plaguing me for weeks was just sucked out of my body. I am still feeling calm and peaceful. I can't wait to take the workshop! Thanks again, and have a great weekend! Erin :
- Erin
Thank you so much for taking time out of your day on such short notice for me. That session cleared my chakras and realigned me again. I've taken that clearing to embark on a spiritual journey of awakening and enlightenment. I appreciate you for your selfless heart in my time of mental and spiritual need. You are a beautiful person who has made an impact on this journey. Thank you and God bless.:
- Jessica
Hello there Elfriede, just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how much this week has changed for me, through you. You send out so much love. Thank you for assisting me in rediscovering. I look forward to knowing you (and me) more. ...peace be with you. Brian :
- Brian
Hi Elfriede, I wanted to update you on my Reiki II experiences. First of all, I have not seemed to have the emotional release that others reported (i.e. crying). I have felt better physically and emotionally (more positive energy and calmness), so it’s working. Secondly, I have given Reiki to more people than before, especially using my Reiki box. Of particular note, my mom had her right knee replaced in mid-September, and I visited them from October 10 – 14 for fall break. When I started Reiki on her while she was sitting in a recliner, her right leg began to twitch. She commented that it had done that a few times since the surgery. I continued Reiki, and when I reached her leg, I felt compelled to shake it some. I also used my breath and pulled energy from her leg out through her toes and into Mother Earth. After several minutes of shaking, breathing, pulling energy out, her leg twitching stopped and has not come back!! She and I were both amazed at the power of this healing energy  My children ask for Reiki before bed each night and to send them energy during the school day (especially for tests / quizzes / presentations). One of my twins will take my hand and put it where she hurts without any hesitation. My husband had a throbbing in his lower side / back, and Reiki eased that for him too. Another “really cool” scenario involves Lisa, a coworker with MS. I have known Lisa for about 8 years, and she has had MS for 25 years. She is learning to drive using hand controls because she can no longer feel her feet (or most of her body). She has been on my mind, and I have sent her Reiki since reading the article in my folder about Reiki and MS. I talked with her yesterday and told her about my Reiki II attunement and asked if she had felt anything different in the last couple weeks. She in fact has been able to feel sensations in her toes in the last 2 weeks. She changed medication in that time too, so I told her that the Reiki and meds are probably working well together. I gave her a short Reiki treatment yesterday, and she could feel the heat from my hands through her clothes. She remarked that she usually can’t feel anything, including bath water temperatures, much less feel heat through her clothes. Again, we are both excited. I can’t thank you enough for the Reiki II attunement. I continue to be amazed and in awe of this magnificent healing energy!!! I look forward to additional healings and continued growth on my path of healing myself and others. Thanks Again :
- Talia
Thank you so much for the gift you gave us all today. It was such a beautiful experience, and I am looking forward to the many other beautiful experiences that I know Reiki will bring. :
- Laura
I wanted to thank you again for sharing the gift of Reiki, your kind and gentle way and your lovely home with our group. Yesterday was a wonderful experience for me. I am overwhelmed with joy and seem to be operating with extra energy! YIPEE! I wanted to share that my husband(the physician) is asking for treatment!!! I never expected this to be received by him this way. He is still referring to it as "some of that touch".?!?! Something for me to work on... He is anxious to see what X-ray results show the next few visits. If he could get out of the immobilizer that would be wonderful. In class there was mention of maybe forwarding a copy of the Chakra meditation. Is that something that can be shared? :
- Maria
Thank you so very much for having us all for class yesterday. I really enjoyed it! What a great group this was! I learned so much and am eager to use my skills! I feel so blessed to have been a part of the group! You ladies were amazing! I feel fortunate to have met you all! The race today was amazing! I had extra umph at the end and ended up coming in 11 minutes faster than I was hopping for... Perhaps it was the reiki! ;). We had beautiful weather and I had a great group I walked with! I am so thankful! :
- Kelly
All of you were so amazing! I was in a completely altered state of being for the rest of the weekend! My boyfriend was sleeping and I was doing reiki on his head for a long time and he said that his headache vanished. I told him I did reiki on his head and he said, "You were doing WHAT to my head!!???" Hilarious:
- Bonnie
Hi there everyone, I loved meeting everyone and hope we can keep in contact like this. Its fun hearing about all your experiences. Personally I've been having some random pains like Sunday I had some discomfort in my stomach and today I've had some pinching in my shoulders, but after the day goes through with random meditation and reiki my body feels much better than before. I've had a bit different experience than you Laura, being in that I have been calmer like a bit of a weight is off of my shoulders. Kelly, I'm glad you had an extra spring in you step for the marathon. :) And that is hilarious Bonnie, tell him he can't complain 'cuz he feels better now. I have given reiki to my great nephews and they looked at me like I was a shiny new ball. It was quite funny to see. Aside from that I've just been wanting to try to help out everyone I see, it's kind of odd because I'm used to wanting to help people but not.... this strongly I suppose is the way to say it. Happy ta hear from all of ya, :
- Anonymous
I am interested in the Reiki II class on June 7, its my birthday and I figured it would be a lovely way to start that weekend. I'll be practicing on some friends of mine that have all told me they'd be my willing participants. Its actually really interesting, Reiki isn't much different than what I was doing before but now I can feel more and energies flow easier, I love it. :
- Mai
I just wanted to reiterate how important it is to take care of yourselves. Sometimes we feel like we give and give and then we’re empty—When that happens it’s because we’re holding our cups the wrong way. Instead of emptying ourselves, we need to hold the cup upright and allow God to fill it to overflowing. Then everyone around us will benefit from the overflow. Anyway, just be sure you do what it is that you need for your own physical, emotional and spiritual health. That is such a beautiful message, Elfriede. Thank you for thinking of our well being! It's just amazing to know that we have such a loving mentor to guide us through and keep us safe and healthy! We wish the very same for you. :
- Anonymous
My mother was discussing with some of the seniors at a living facility about my learning Reiki and mentioned that they wouldn't mind me stopping by and maybe practicing there. I'm not sure how I feel about this because aside from a few animals and friends I haven't practiced much. I'm looking for a more experienced opinion. To my understanding there is no time limit on the offer so I have plenty of time to go over, perhaps even take the second class before I do. Honestly things are just moving very fast for me, like clicking into place, and I'm a bit frightened of the what if I am going to fast scenario? :
- Mai
I feel it already. I sincerely do. A bit of the weight has lifted. Such a blessing having met you, as well as all the women. A vibration came upon me that Friday, though I had put "study reiki" on my to do list for the last 5 years! Had I not taken action when I did, those universal forces that God energizes would have never sent me to you. Everything happens for a reason. This I know. Love, light and blessings. Your kind and patient words mean so very much. I will most definitely need another reiki treatment before I go into the operating room. I will let you know the date of my surgery once it is scheduled. :
- Bonnie
I've done several reiki treatments on family members. I've helped my husband and oldest daughter with headaches and stuff like that. I'm so amazed when they tell me their pain is gone after a treatment! I love it! My mom came to my house today, and I gave her a full body reiki treatment. During the scan I picked up something near her sacral area and asked her. She said she's had UTI symptoms for the last couple of days (which she purposely didn't tell me about). During her treatment I strongly sensed that she had a lot of loved ones and angels with her. She's very energy depleted and I felt like she had an "army of angels" there to send her healing! I felt like her mother (and my grandmother- who was the single most important person in my life) was there for her. While I was giving reiki to Mom's feet I silently asked her (we called her Ma) to touch Mom's head in some way. After the treatment was over Mom told me that she felt a very distinct tickle on her forehead, and I told her what I had asked Ma to do. A little bit ago, Mom texted me that all symptoms of her UTI were completely gone. I can't believe the beautiful experiences Reiki has brought in such a short period of time! I had the most wonderful experience while doing self reiki and meditating, but I want to tell you about it in person. I still want to come to the Reiki 2 class, if that's still ok? I am tentatively set to do a reiki treatment on my neighbor who is paralyzed this Saturday. She wasn't familiar at all with Reiki, but said she'd try it. I'm very, very nervous about it. I'm not sure why. I think because I want it to help her so much... I cannot wait to spend another day with you in class! I'm just so excited! Lots and lots of love, :
- Laura
...I've noticed I'm much calmer. I know I have said that several times but I was beginning to come to a point where I was constantly angry. It's nice to feel grounded once more and not like I'm going to snap at the next poor soul who happens to say something I don't like. So far everyone I'm practicing on has reported feeling better or more relaxed afterwards. A friend of mine has nerve damage in his feet and after treatment he told me he had feeling in them for the first time in forever, we were both amazed. :
- Mai
...You said that people are brought into our lives for a reason and that it's to both people's benefit. I'm wondering how on Earth I will be of benefit to you in any kind of balance to how much you've benefited me. I'll just have faith that it will happen. I'm sorry for this long, long email, but I had to tell you and it's too much to keep straight in my mind to tell you verbally... My headaches are much better. Thank you so much for sending reiki to me!! :
- Laura
Thanks so much! I woke up singing this morning.:
- Irene
I highly recommend this beautiful woman, Elfriede Manning--- if you've ever considered learning about Reiki, a lovely method of healing, she is simply my first choice! The peace, the settling of one's soul is gentle and profound. I know this to be true, because she has been my teacher and guide... :
- Peggy
Elfriede ... want to thank you for my attunement. Practicing Reiki has been an awesome gift and I am forever grateful!:
- Harretta
Dear Elfriede -- Thank you for inviting me into your home. I've been using the things you taught me. My horizons continue to broaden! It is a very exciting time for me and I'm glad that I found you to teach me Reiki!:
- Kristy
What an amazing experience! I cannot believe how my life is transforming. I came for myself and received the healing I needed. The change that this has brought has made such an impact on me. I am now sharing Reiki with others. What a great thing! Reiki wants to be used and shared!:
- Kristy
I want to thank you for inviting me to your beautiful home and for brining healing into my body. Looking back to it, it almost feels like a dream. It gave me inspiration, courage and reassurance that I am on the right path to heal myself and help others too.:
- Ana
I just wanted to thank you again for opening up your home and heart to me today. You have a spirit much like that of my mother (passed). You are warm, loving and a joy to be with. Your arms around me felt very familiar. I could have stood there for hours with you holding me. You have a beautiful heart. I miss her very much. I will be back for Reiki II... Right now I am emailing you with Amber (my new pendulum...) on my heart. We are reflecting on the day. Again, I thank you for your kindness and support. Peace, kristy :
- Kristy
Well I must tell you, my life has changed in very significant ways since we met. The first night and until now I have noticably more energy. Other things have happened as well. The day after I saw you I felt inspired to get out all of my favorite things that I never unpacked since I left my husband and moved into my condo. Many were stones, minerals and crystals that had been packed away for years. It was like seeing old friends again and it made me feel happy and supported somehow. I found a little boji stone and started to carry it with me. Soon I noticed the cold no longer had the paralysing affect on me like it did before. I started to read up on healing stones and I now have a group of stones and crystals that I take with me whereever I go. Then the happy coincidences and synchronicity of events started to occur at an amazing rate. For instance, as I look at your email, here is a perfect example...A friend of mine brought the movie Julie and Julia for me for Christmas. One Saturday night a couple of weeks ago I watched the movie. Two women finding their way in this world by embracing what they love. I was inspired and also felt inspired to attempt cooking again. It is a mother's regret that I don't cook for my son. He usually has dinner with his dad. He basically will only eat cheeseburgers and generally, when I do cook he doesn't like it and I end up eating it for the rest of the week. I thought maybe Julia's recipes might be different. So, I looked online found her book and when I read a review from a father I was hooked, "finally my son will eat my cooking". I had to have the book. I made some bids on ebay which I did not win and started to look in used book stores with no luck... I started to cool on the idea. Several days ago, my son and I decided to make a spagghetti sauce. I reached for my vegetarian cookbook and somewhere in the back of my mind the thought comes, "I thought I had a French cookbook at one time". I look on the shelf and there it was a thirteenth edition Julia Child's, Mastering thee Art of French Cooking complete with the book cover. I paid 7.50$ for it from Half Price Books many years ago. I had the book all along and didn't realize it! I mention it for a couple of reasons. One, this occurance is an example of the things that have been happening at an astonishing rate since December and also because Knopf was the publishing company that published Julia's book in 1961! Thank you, the transformation in my life is amazing...:
- Lori
Good Morning, Elfrieda! Simply wanted to thank you for believing in my body's ability to heal!!! Having your support and faith in me means more than you know... sometimes having others that believe in us is half the battle. :) I believe God puts people in our lives for a reason. I pray He blesses you with the energy to help pull me out of the grips of this awful condition. Thank you again for offering your services -you truly have a healing touch! I believe in you and Reiki... Love :
- Kristie
"Finding out the truth behind "becoming a reiki master brings great change" my experiences so far have brought me a great deal closer to God and have opened my eyes to what he has done for me and will continue to do for me. I owe this great gift to my friend, mentor, and teacher Elfriede Manning." :
- Michael (via Facebook)
Elfriede, I wanted to say thank you again for all that you have done for me. During the hardest times over the years it has been you and what you have taught me that have given a brighter light of hope for me. You are an amazing person and an amazing teacher. I hope that when I begin teaching Reiki that I will be able to touch my students' lives as you have mine. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you soon. God bless you. :
- Michael
Elfriede, Just wanted to thank you for all of your time and special care on Saturday. It was so nice to be able to talk to two other ladies who had such similar qualities and experiences and to be able to finally open up to others without judgment. The attunement process was wondrous! I am still overwhelmed with the idea of being such an instrument of healing. I feel so honored to be part of such a group... I mostly wanted to thank you for allowing me to use my blankets as payment. It was a huge help when we needed it most. Now we are being showered with good fortune. Life is so amazing that way. I already feel more at peace within and see the world with more vivid color! I can't wait to see more transformation throughout this whole journey. Thank you again for everything. I add you to my list of dear friends.:
- Kat
Elf, you're a miracle worker! (I mean that God and the angels working through you are miracle workers.) You're a great listener though and you follow through. It was your body, energy, time, etc., so you get a bunch of credit. I feel way better today..... Amazing how much better I feel after feeling horrible for weeks..... I think the energy is cleansing my organs of toxins. Wow!:
- Sue
Dear Elfriede, Thank you! I just wanted to let you know how much you sharing your Reiki gift means to me. I had a wonderful day with you and feel a kinship I know we will always have. I'm looking forward to catching up with you and sharing more in the future. Again, thank you. :
- Sarah
I Slept soo good last night and had no pain. I didn't realize how much I had been putting up with until I had none. I woke with no morning stiffness or pain. Thank you for this!:
- Kat
Thank you so much for today's session! I drove home feeling awesome and went to the grocery store after sitting in the car for 45 minutes. No pain in my foot!!! You gave me back 10 years without having to go back. Thank you so much!:
- Kat
Elfriede, Thank you again for the opportunity to be your Reiki student. My infatuation is quickly becoming a love... I am amazed the most by how gently Reiki works to heal so much within me (and I thought I was going to rush out and heal the world first!) I am trying to keep my cup turned upright and am enjoying every moment. I do look forward to our next chance to meet.:
- Crystal
Elfriede, Thank you so much for my incredible Reiki experience. I can not stop smiling and I feel sooo good. I loved it! I am thankful that you could see me today in the middle of the chaos of my world. I feel blessed...:
- Timmiera
Elfriede- Thank you so much for your time and energy today. It is a blessing to me and the children to spend time with you. Thank you for opening your home to us and for the wonderful energy work.:
- Carol
Dear Elfriede, It was a wonderful experience meeting you and receiving Reiki from you. I truly feel it made a difference. I appreciate you continuing to send me healing energy. I plan on locating someone here locally to receive Reiki from on a regular basis. Once the holidays are over, I will start to make some phone calls and see what I can find out... I am so grateful for Matthew and Carol arranging my session with you. Also, thank you for your very kind words. My afternoon with you was quite special. I hope the new year is good to you. If you don't mind, I'd like to stay in touch with you and share how things are going and how my search locally for a Reiki contact goes? Take care and God bless.:
- Theresa
Elfriede is a compassionate and caring person. I have had several Reiki treatments from her and always experienced an increased feeling of personal and physical well being. :
Hello Elfriede, This is just a note to thank you for that very sweet Reiki Session.... it was such a safe and protected feeling merely to enter your home and be in your presence.:
- Laura
I first received Reiki in February 2006 on the day that the doctor confirmed that I have bone cancer. (It felt like the warmth in the hands of these two women was going to bake the cancer right out of me.) Reiki was and continues to be a very calming and healing experience. Sometimes there is definite pain relief and at other times there is calming of the pain. Always there is a sense of peace. I came to Pure Reiki every week for five or six months and there was definite improvement in my health and mental/emotional state. Although I am not yet cancer free, I continue to improve and will continue with Reiki treatments in the future.
Note from Elfriede
Karl lost his battle with cancer. I hope that Reiki helped with the transition. I miss him.
- K. K.
In my 51 years on earth I have only met one woman that I have known to truly be a natural healer. Although it took her a long time to see it in herself, Elfriede Manning has many enduring qualities that comfort all beings in her presence, refreshing their own life force or chi energy while bringing them a sense of their own connection to inner healing and universal (soul) wisdom. Among the qualities that I treasure are her fierce compassion, acceptance of human difference, and childlike gentleness when in the presence of pain. She is nothing short of love: open, caring and able to channel amazing light and universal life energy (chi.) Since she began the path as a Reiki Channel, I have discovered more about her that impresses and endears - she is deeply committed to helping people heal dis/ease, pain and emotional imbalance. I value her as a friend and know she will be a remarkable teacher. Jan Waddell has a wonderfully open and compassionate spirit. She is light hearted, playful and full of dancing rainbow energy. I have had the opportunity to work with her and would recommend her to anyone who is interested in a relaxing REIKI Healing session. :
- Karen Ann Snider - Reiki Master Teacher
The Pure Reiki experience for me left me not only relaxed physically, but also cleansed in mind. I am between career and job opportunities and have found myself swamped with various thoughts and feelings on where my next steps should be. I first heard of Reiki through Jan while attending a Life Success program. I believe this opportunity to try the Reiki experience was supposed to happen at this point of transition in my life. I often find myself reflecting back on the experience and I believe that this has helped me in my thought processes. Taking time out for me and having Reiki focus on just me gave me a feeling of fulfillment which is wonderful as I didn't know exactly what benefits I might take away from the experience. I can see where the Reiki experience can have a different effect on people, no matter where one might be in their life. I'm thankful Jan introduced me to it and I look forward to future sessions.:
- Joel
Elfriede, Mark wanted me to send a thank you for sharing the gift. He felt renewed today and energized. He actually had a spring in his step and I have not seen that in years. It is amazing what God can do through a gentle touch of a human hand. Thank you from me as well. :
- Paula
Dear Elfriede, I feel truly blessed to have met you. Your wonderful warmth of spirit and the amazing energy in your hands truly healed me in so many ways and restored by faith in guardian angels. Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with me. :
- Sandra
Dear Elfriede, I will definitely be in touch the next time I come to town. I can't tell you enough how much you helped me. You truly have healing in your hands - and in your spirit!! Thank you for your kindness and warmth - it really meant a lot to me!! Many, many hugs to you BOTH!:
- Sandra Lopez