Frequently Asked Questions

Can Reiki cure my health problems?:
Reiki complements other types of health treatment and by relieving stress, it can help your body heal itself. It will often shorten the time needed to recuperate from illness, injury or surgery, reduce pain and increase the effectiveness of other treatments.
Do I have to undress to receive Reiki?:
No. Wear anything that is comfortable and loose fitting. It is never necessary for a person to remove their clothing to receive Reiki, although removing your shoes and belt may make you more comfortable.
Is Reiki a religion?:
No. It is a spiritual healing art and is effective regardless of your beliefs.
Is Reiki safe?:
Yes. It is a natural holistic system of healing touch that causes no harm. It works to bring about positive changes and to supply the body with healing energy.
What will I feel like when I receive Reiki?:
You may experience feelings of warmth or coolness, tingling or vibration in some areas, a sensation of throbbing, extreme relaxation or sleepiness, possibly even falling asleep. You may also experience a deep sense of calmness or peace.
Where can I learn more?:
Informational presentations are available for groups. E-mail to schedule a presentation.