What to Expect

The experience of receiving Reiki varies from one person to the next. However, there are three sensations that are widely reported among Reiki recipients. These include a feeling of relaxation, the sensation of heat emanating from the practitioner's hands, and seeing colors.

Reiki treatments are very relaxing. Most people who receive Reiki drift in and out of consciousness, losing track of time and many, particularly men, fall asleep completely. The recipient can feel the energy that is radiating from the practioner, and often describes the sensation as a feeling of warmth or heat, often intense, but never painful. Another common experience is seeing colors while your eyes are closed. Any color of the rainbow may be seen and occasionally, the colors change depending on the hand-position being used. The most commonly reported colors are blue, lilac, violet, and purple.

Not everyone experiences these things and other sensations or experiences may also occur. Furthermore, none of these sensations are required for Reiki to be effective. Each session is unique and just because you felt heat during one session, but not during another session doesn't mean healing did not occur. Often, the sessions that are the least remarkable in terms of feelings or sensations generate the most remarkable results.