Herald Article

Recently Pastor Kathy asked me to write an explanation of how I as a Christian became a Reiki Master. So, let me tell you about my experience.

I believe that the first time I had a Reiki treatment it may have saved my life. I was going through a very stressful time. It had gone on for years and I wouldn’t tell anyone about what was happening to me. I just kept smiling and pretended everything was OK. (I now realize how stupid I was to think I could just handle it alone.) Then a good friend came to me and said she had just become a Reiki practitioner and asked if she could practice on me. Well, it scared me a little but she was my friend and I trusted her so I said OK. The energy relaxed, calmed, healed and refreshed me. It released deep down tension in me and I think that without that release I would have had a stroke or heart attack or some other stress related illness. The energy I felt coming through her hands was very strong, gentle and loving. It felt like it was coming from God.

I think I always knew that touch was very healing. When I was a little girl and I was sick my mother’s hands on my head always made me feel better. I also knew that a hug could make a headache or heartache feel better. My friend told me that she thought I had a special gift for healing and also explained that anyone that was willing to let God work through them could be a Reiki practitioner.

I knew that Reiki comes from Japan and a Buddhist monk originally taught it. I also knew that Jesus healed people by touching them and that as he sent his disciples out into the world one of the things he told them was to heal the sick. I also knew that healing is one of the gifts of the spirit. I asked God what I should do and then got my first Reiki attunement. (A Reiki attunement strengthens a person’s healing ability. The energy in the hands becomes stronger, in essence it opens a person up and increases the ability to be a channel of God’s energy.) At first I had a problem talking about Reiki because people acted like I was weird so I only gave it to my children and grandchildren.

Then, one day I was at my daughter’s house and her husband was very depressed. He is from Sierra Leone in Africa and there was a terrible civil war going on. There was no communication and he didn’t know if his family was safe. His son was in the care of his mother and his brother was in the hospital. The news was terrible with reports of the rebels taking over hospitals, killing patients and forcing doctors at gunpoint to work on their wounded. After some time there was news that the family was all right and that they had found a reasonably safe place to stay. Then my son-in-law’s mother died. His family told him not to come because it would make them targets. He spiraled into a depression and was unable to work for several weeks. When I was there visiting, I put my hand on his head and he said “Oh, Mom, that feels wonderful!” So, I gave him a Reiki treatment and he got up, hugged me and went to work! That’s when I knew that this is something I must do.

Since then I have had many wonderful experiences with Reiki and can feel the presence of angels when I am giving or getting a Reiki treatment. If you’d like to learn more about Reiki for Christians go to: www.christianreiki.org.